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We always work towards giving your shipment the best personal attention and adequate time necessary to pack it for export, after completing the documentation and making all essential arrangements for your international move.

For reduced shipping costs, we advice for cargo Groupage or Consolidation. The shipping costs are shared and thus reduced costs.

In case you choose to ship your own container (the second option), you will need to rent a metal shipping container (a 20 feet or 40 feet container or more, depending on your requirement) from a steamship liner.

Understandably, since the container is being hired exclusively for you, the entire expenses towards the same will need to be borne by you irrespective of whether or not the space is utilized entirely unlike in the Consolidation option.

Containerised Cargo on Transit.
Inland Container Depot – Shipments meant for clearance at I.C.D. are delivered storage free within two (2) working days.

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To provide our clients with professional and personalized services and the cost effective solutions for their needs
To become the leading provider of clearing and forwarding, logistics and freight management solutions in Africa

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